The Star's Store continues to be the place to buy the BEST Neck Sweats  in the industry. We designed these products from the ground up, picking materials that are durable to use even in huge training programs like ours. We still have a few more copies of our very popular Educational DVD too. If you are new to the Miniature Horse industry, Selecting A Star is a timeless video that is great for beginners as well as seasoned competitors. Once these last few are gone, they are gone. We WILL NOT be reordering as we feel they have made their run. Below you will find videos about our merchandise. If you are ready to order, click "Let's Go Shopping" to see our merchandise ordering page. Happy Shopping!!!

We are now shipping by weight so that we can get more accurate shipping costs for our clients. Large orders over 20 pounds may be subject to additional shipping charges. 

The Star's Store is back open!

We are gearing up for the holidays!!! All Christmas orders must be placed by December 15th to get by Christmas in the US. 

FLASH!!! Our seamstress has retired, so we no longer sell our Neck Wraps. We are sorry for the inconvenience and we continue to look for someone else who is willing to make them for a reasonable cost! 


Neck Sweats

This "How To" video gives you all the information you need to properly apply and clean our Winning Edge Neck Sweats!

Selecting A Star DVD


We are proud to present Selecting A Star, a 2 hour video like no other on the market today. This video is all about Miniature Horse conformation, and comes with a 20 page workbook with photos that have been photo shopped to exaggerate both positive and negative conformation, making it easier for even the novice eye to see. We also include our Stars Quick Tips, showing you how to fix or hide your horses faults. Then there are our Stars Fun Facts, with some interesting trivia about our beloved equines. Suitable for horse lovers or all skill levels!